Quam1992's Tips to Embracing and Accepting the true youEdit

  1. Get a mirror and look at yourself.
  2. Look at all of your features and pick at least one thing you like about yourself (or more optional).
  3. Look at all of your features and pick at least one thing you don't like about yourself.
  4. Acknowledge and appreciate the assets you llike about yourself.
  5. Embrace the things that you don't like about yourself and accept that they are there.
  6. Always have an attitude for grattitude and always think- glass half full, not half empty.
  7. Think about ALL the things you are greatful for and write them down on a piece of paper (you might need more than one sheet of paper).
  8. Whenever you are in doubt of yourself, read over the paper.
  9. Look over these tips.
  10. Tell your friends to look at this page if they ever are annoyed at themself.

Love Quam1992

 Tell me what you think of this advice x

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